Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sexiest in World

Becoming a famous Vietnamese singer may now be more about low cut shirts and seductive photo shoots than a voice and the ability to sing.

But it’s not just a Vietnamese phenomenon.

Many prominent social critics have tied the rise of the scantily clad diva to the rise of MTV. Once music fans in the west began associating notes and tunes with images on the screen, the two became inseparable, and listeners, particularly young ones, weren’t satisfied listening to ugly singers. Since then, the competition has become not about voice and talent, but about who can push the sexiness envelope the furthest.

Ultra-sexiness has played a role in the popularity of Madonna, the Spice Girls, the PussyCat Dolls, Britney Spears, Rihanna and Korea’s Lee Hyori, and over the years, the videos and promotional posters for these artists just keep getting sexier.

With expanding Internet access and satellite TV, this competition for ultimate sexiness has hit Vietnam, with most singers choosing to spend far more time on alluring photo shoots and buying revealing clothes than actually singing or recording.

Unfortunately for the puritans, sex sells, at least in the short-term. But the trend didn’t happen overnight. Most of the country’s sensual singers first won respect as non-controversial pop singers before shedding their skin, and their clothes, to become the country’s “sexiest” singers.

‘Sexy is my trade name’

Vietnam’s earliest “Madonna-like” singer was Thu Minh, a trailblazer who’s gone as far as to say “Sexy is my trade name,” shocking traditional parents, community leaders and her fans alike.

Since winning the Television Singing Contest of Ho Chi Minh City Television in 1993, Minh had been a wholesome, family-approved signer of innocent love songs. But five years ago all that changed, and the lonely ballads transformed into sexy dance tunes.

She received a wave of opposition at first, but now she’s one of the country’s hottest singers, and as her concert stills and photos in the media reveal, she flaunts very openly what she says is one of the country’s hottest bodies.

Minh herself is not shaken by bloggers who call her a floozy.

She told Dan Tri (People’s Wisdom) online newspaper that she thought there was nothing wrong with an alluring body and sexy feature accompanying a beautiful voice.

“My huge fan base proves that I’m doing something right,” she said. “I believe in my features, my voice and even my dancing skills.”

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